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5 Books for an Empowered Pregnancy

Empowered pregnancy is the best kind of pregnancy in my opinion. Empowerment begins with education and knowledge. A great way to gain knowledge? Books! As a self-proclaimed book-dragon, books are one of my favorite things. When I found out I was pregnant,...

My Pregnancy at 35 Weeks

At 35 weeks, I’m officially 88% complete with my pregnancy. I thought it might be fun to give a quick update on how the baby and I are doing, as well as what I still need to do before he arrives. I’ve also included links to a few items that have been super...

My Preterm Labor Event and What I Learned

Preterm labor isn’t something I was expecting. All signs pointed to a pregnancy of 40 weeks or more. For 27 weeks and 9 days I was in a low-risk pregnancy. Then 28 weeks hit, and something changed. I started experiencing bleeding and contractions. I called my doctor,...

4 Pregnancy Symptoms Worth a Belly Laugh

I’m sure you’ve heard that pregnancy symptoms can be pretty crazy. Mood swings, morning sickness, exhaustion, just to name a few. But pregnant women and women who are trying to conceive should know about more symptoms than what is most commonly discussed. I want to...

The Most Loved Pregnancy Pillows

  Sleeping while pregnant is an interesting conundrum. For many women, getting enough quality sleep can be a challenge while pregnant. Pregnancy pillows can be a huge help for pregnant ladies who crave a better sleep cycle. Pregnancy pillows help to support your...

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