How to Embrace Your Inner Queen as a New Mom

How to Embrace Your Inner Queen as a New Mom

Becoming a mom is a crazy journey, and pregnancy is only the beginning. You grow that little one inside of you for 9 long months, doing your best to prepare him for life outside of your womb. Once he arrives, you may feel powerful and vulnerable at the same time; knowing you are all he needs in that moment, but the myriad of choices before you soon come flooding into perspective.

Let’s establish one thing before we dive in: You’re a queen. You just gave birth to a human life, and you deserve to feel like you could rule the world. Embracing that inner queen might not come naturally to some of us, but there are steps we can take to get to know her, and work towards wearing our invisible crowns on the daily. Sound good? Sounds GREAT. Let’s start with why embracing your inner queen is important as a new mom.

Embrace Your Inner Queen

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Why Embrace Your Inner Queen?

Two-words: mommy-guilt. Is that two words or is it one word hyphenated? …The world may never know…

Anyway! Mommy-guilt is real, and it’s as prevalent as ever with social media in our lives. Breast or bottle-feed? Screens or no screens? Should I stay at home or go back to work? Regardless of what a woman chooses, she will almost inevitably be shamed regarding her choices by someone, somewhere. Their shaming may be disguised as well-intentioned advice, but it can cut a mom to the core; making her feel unworthy and unqualified for this new role that she has taken on.

Even the most confident woman can struggle with the choices she faces for her family. What it comes down to is that there are too many choices for moms to sift through these days; all of them touting their benefits versus “the other options.” How is she supposed to know which options are the RIGHT options for her and her family?

A Perfect Solution

The solution: self-love. Self-love starts with recognizing that you are worthy of loving yourself and your decisions, regardless of what else might be out there. When you are confident in your ability to love yourself, you don’t second-guess your intuition and your processes. You make educated decisions like the freaking queen that you are, and you can feel confident that what you are doing is best for YOU. And that is more than good enough: it’s sheer perfection.

How exactly are you supposed to build up this quality of self-love? Just like a muscle, self-love becomes stronger when you exercise it regularly. It can be difficult at first, just like a new workout routine. Eventually, you become stronger and more grounded in your routine; jumping into your practice with vigor for the pride and euphoria you feel once you’ve completed your exercises.  

Self-Love Made Super Simple

To get started on your self-love journey, it’s helpful if you have someone to guide you. It’s kind of like if you’re going to hike a new trail through unfamiliar territory: to get to where you need to be, you’ll want to hire a guide. Could you do it on your own? Sure, but it’s more likely that you could get derailed and lost in the jungle. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The guide is there to simply travel along with you through your journey. She points out the directions you can go, and provides valuable feedback about what strategy might be best for this particular mountain.

Enter Raewyn Sangari, multi-passionate world changer and all-around champion of self-love, encouragement, and everything that is good in this world. As a busy mom and entrepreneur, Raewyn knew that her clients would benefit from self-love routines, but they needed something that was easily digestible and could be implemented quickly in times of crisis (which happens a lot in those first few months as a new mom). She created Embracing Your Inner Queen in 5


Embracing Your Inner Queen in Five is a five-chapter audio course that will jumpstart your self-love journey as you dive into the five areas of self-love. The course includes:

  • 5 Audio Chapters
  • Workbook to Accompany the Audios
  • Bonus e-book,
  • 30-minute soul session with Raewyn

Embracing Your Inner Queen in Five takes you through the five areas of self-love:

  • confidence in your mind,
  • nourishment of your soul,
  • body love,
  • building your community, and
  • supporting the community towards a thriving sisterhood.

The best part about Embracing Your Inner Queen in 5? It takes less time to practice these self-care strategies than it does to change a diaper. Because let’s face it, as a new mom, you don’t have hours to spare for self-care. Raewyn dives into some of the most impactful daily practices that only take a few minutes throughout the day (which is much more manageable with a newborn than most other self-care strategies).

I love that the course is primarily audio content, which means I can listen to it just about anywhere. All I need is my phone and a pair of earbuds, and I’m set to gorge myself on these amazing self-love strategies. Seriously, I’m talking trips to the grocery store, listening in my car, while relaxing in a bubble bath while hubby takes care of the little guy. The list goes on and on.

Even though I’m still pregnant, I know that it’s never too early to start building up my self-love toolbox. With the strategies Raewyn has pulled together in my pocket, I will be much better prepared to face whatever challenges motherhood throws at me.


Oh, and if the course wasn’t awesome enough for you, you also a free tank top with your purchase of Embracing Your Inner Queen in 5! Aren’t these adorable? I’m seriously in love with the Queen In My Own Right tank. And that crown? To DIE for. Whichever one you choose, you’ll rock it. I just know it 😉

Ready to Embrace Your Inner Queen in 5? Head over to the Shield Sisters Initiative and treat yo’self!

As the founder of Mama Brilliance, Megan is an avid writer, reader, and self-professed coffee snob. You can find her in northern Minnesota with her family, exploring the great outdoors and dreaming of breakfast food.

How to Win the Battle Against Postpartum Depression

How to Win the Battle Against Postpartum Depression

After 40 long weeks, you finally get to meet your newborn baby. You’ve been waiting for this moment for months, and you expect nothing but pure joy during those first few weeks. After all, you made this tiny, perfect, little human. How could life be anything but perfect after this?
For many women, postpartum depression becomes the norm after delivery. It’s estimated that approximately 20% of women experience some form of postpartum depression (PPD). That means out of 5 of your friends or relatives who are mothers, at least 1 of them has experienced PPD. The reality is that this estimate could be low; meaning the rate of PPD is most likely somewhat higher than 20%.
So what’s the solution? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all remedy for PPD, education is a big first step in understanding mental health issue.
As a woman who is 31 weeks pregnant, and who has struggled with depression for over 15 years, postpartum depression is definitely on my mind. My strategy at this point is to educate myself about as many aspects of PPD as possible. I feel that if I go into the postpartum period equipped with knowledge and strategies, I will be better prepared to handle the possibility of postpartum depression.
Enter Lauren Cecora, postpartum depression survivor and author of Past Partum: From Shattered to Sane. Lauren was gracious enough to let me review her brand new book about her experience with PPD. I’m beyond excited to share this review with you, so let’s dig in!
Win The Battle Against PPD

Past Partum: From Shattered to Sane Description

Lauren is a military wife and mom-boss. During her husband’s most recent deployment, she gave birth to their daughter and developed Postpartum Depression & Anxiety. Her life in a sense, shattered before her as she was drowning in maintaining her joy and happiness. Through her struggles she developed a series of actions that helped regain her sanity as a mother. Lauren shares with you five of her “Sanity Saving Tips” that will help any mama with balancing life, home, mommy-hood, a career and marriage.
So grab a glass of whatever you’re drinking, put the ear muffs on the kiddos, and get ready to get personal. Lauren holds nothing back as she reveals her heart in this personal story of her Postpartum Depression and how she overcame it.
Past Partum Book Cover

Book Review

In reading Past Partum, I felt I was hearing the experience of a friend; someone who knew that her experiences were dark, yet relatable to so many women. How could she keep quiet when she knew that her survival could mean saving another mother?

As a fellow military spouse, I empathized with Lauren’s situation. Her husband was deployed during a part of her pregnancy, birth, and first few months of her daughter’s life. I appreciated her sharing this detail, because I will experience a similar situation with my husband’s schedule. The tips she shared for managing her mental health are invaluable to me, because I know that there will be months where I am parenting on my own.
Lauren holds nothing back as she describes her experience with postpartum depression. Reading her darkest thoughts during the first months of her daughter’s life, I am filled with gratitude. I know this sounds strange, but it’s true. I am grateful that Lauren demonstrated such honesty as she penned her memoir.
We need more women to come forward and say, “I thought the same thing.” Sharing their experiences with this common enemy will move mountains towards creating postpartum resources that are available for the women who need it.
Postpartum depression is an ominous and unforgiving opponent. It makes you think, say, and do things that cause you to lose track of who you are. Lauren makes an important point in Past Partum: postpartum depression is different for every woman. Postpartum isn’t a failure to bond with your baby after delivery (although this may be a symptom). It may manifest for some as anxiety, or obsessive compulsive disorder. You may feel angry or resentful, or even despondent.
The important thing is to recognize what you are feeling is an imbalance of your emotional spectrum. And I say “spectrum” of emotions because we all live within an emotional spectrum (happy to sad to happy to angry to content to blissful to indifferent, etc.). The spectrum is normal. It’s when there is an imbalance that the spectrum requires further examination.
I also loved that Past Partum wasn’t solely focused on the darkest parts of PPD. Lauren provides what she calls Sanity Savers, or simple solutions to staying sane in the postpartum period. These Sanity Savers are simple, and can be easily implemented in any household. The best part about these Sanity Savers is that they are flexible, meaning you can adapt them to fit your unique needs and schedule.
I plan to adapt a few of Lauren’s Sanity Savers to get into an established routine before our little guy arrives. This will help with little things like keeping the house clean after he is born. And with big things like maintaining my mental health and my building up my relationship with my husband.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Past Partum: From Shattered to Sane is a must-read for any new or expecting parents. In all honesty, Past Partum should be recommended reading for the following:
  • New or expecting moms
  • Moms who have experienced or are currently experiencing postpartum depression
  • New or expectant grandparents (to recognize the signs and provide help as soon as possible)
  • Spouses or partners of new or expecting moms
  • Close friends and family members that will be providing support during the postpartum period
It cannot be emphasized enough: understanding postpartum depression and recognizing potential symptoms can go a long way in providing support and encouragement for new mothers and their families. Past Partum is one resource in this emerging mental health issue. Educate yourself. Provide kind and compassionate support for yourself during the postpartum period.
And remember: you are loved. You are beautiful. You are strength itself. Reach out for help when you need it AND when you want it.
You. Will. Thrive.

A Special Offer

As a special thank you to Mama Brilliance readers, Lauren is offering 10% off of Past Partum: From Shattered to Sane from July 10-12, 2017. All you need to do is click this link to get the discount during that period.
Past Partum Affiliate Link
Lauren also has an AMAZING Sanity Saver available for new subscribers. I recommend it regardless of if you are a parent or not. Lauren developed several Sanity Savers to help women focus on what they desire most out of life. Should you choose to work with her, you’ll talk about how you want to feel in the day to day. Together you and Lauren will find a balance that works for YOU and your family.
These Sanity Savers aren’t “one size fits all.” They’re meant for you to break down to the bigger picture so you can identify where to focus your time and energy.
You can also connect with Lauren on her Facebook page here. And in her free Facebook Group Sanity Savers Support Network. The network is a private support group for mamas who might be struggling with motherhood. Lauren shares a TON of sanity saving tips in this group.
Thanks so much to Lauren for sharing her story, and her generous discount for Mama Brilliance readers!

As the founder of Mama Brilliance, Megan is an avid writer, reader, and self-professed coffee snob. You can find her in northern Minnesota with her family, exploring the great outdoors and dreaming of breakfast food.

Pregnancy Safe Yoga Workouts You and Baby Will Love

Pregnancy Safe Yoga Workouts You and Baby Will Love

Exercising while you are pregnant is important for your physical and mental health. Yoga during pregnancy is a favorite among many mamas-to-be for a few reasons; primarily because you can do it just about anywhere, and you don’t need any special equipment to do yoga.

Yoga has a ton of benefits, regardless of if you are pregnant. During my pregnancy, I found yoga to be the most beneficial exercise routines because of the focus on breathing and flow, as well as strengthening through body weight. Yoga can be pretty intense, but pregnancy safe yoga is intended for pregnant moms looking to stay active without over-doing it.

You can find a prenatal yoga class just about anywhere these days, but I wanted something I could do in my home on days when I didn’t feel like seeing other people. Introvert problems. Here are a few online pregnancy-focused yoga workouts that you will love.

Pregnancy Safe Yoga Workouts

Sarah Beth Yoga

Fun fact, my dad was the one who shared this resource with me. Sarah Beth Yoga is on Vimeo and Youtube, and she has my favorite prenatal yoga series. There are 3 free videos on Youtube, and a paid program that you can purchase on Vimeo, and let me tell you, the paid program is AMAZING.

Let’s go over the free videos first. There is a morning warm up, a 20 minute prenatal workout, and a night-time wind down routine. These are my go-to workouts because they are quick, comprehensive, and I feel amazing after I do these routines.

The paid program is amazing too. For $75, you get four 45-minute workouts that are safe for all three trimesters. And you get a PDF guide that can help you to vary your workouts to help prevent you from getting bored or feeling like your workouts are stagnant. The PDFs also teach you how to modify your poses for greater comfort and safety as your belly grows.

Yoga With Adriene

I’ve been watching Yoga With Adriene videos for a couple of years now, and I love how she is focused on the concept of finding what feels good. Adriene’s videos are primarily on Youtube, but you can subscribe to her paid channel here.

Adriene has a prenatal series that highlights a yoga workout for each trimester, plus some lady talk with Adriene and one of her close friends who is in her 3rd trimester. It was kind of fun to hear another woman’s thoughts on her pregnancy, and the workouts were great too.

There is also a PDF guide for safe yoga practice during pregnancy if you subscribe to the paid Find What Feels Good by Yoga With Adriene.

Prenatal Yoga Center

The Prenatal Yoga Center is exactly what it sounds like: an online yoga resource for pregnant ladies! The Prenatal Yoga Center has a ton of free videos that are focused on specific trouble areas that many women struggle with during pregnancy, i.e. sciatica, hip-openers, carpal tunnel, etc.

For me, sciatica has been a capital B during my pregnancy. The hip opener video was a huge help, as was the Alleviating Back Pain video. The other great thing about the Prenatal Yoga Center is that they have in-person classes in the New York City area. So for NYC mamas, definitely check out what they have to offer!

Gaia Prenatal Yoga

Gaia is one of the most well known international yoga organizations. I hesitate to call it “corporate” because yoga is so far from corporate it’s ridiculous, but you can typically find Gaia products in stores like Target or Walmart. Gaia also has online yoga videos, including this Prenatal Yoga series with Shiva Rea.

These workouts are also pretty short, less than 20 minutes each, but they are comprehensive and help you to focus on breathing first before posing. Which is SUPER helpful for breathing through labor and delivery pains.


What workouts are you loving while pregnant?

As the founder of Mama Brilliance, Megan is an avid writer, reader, and self-professed coffee snob. You can find her in northern Minnesota with her family, exploring the great outdoors and dreaming of breakfast food.