Photography is one of my favorite art forms. Maternity photography amazes me. I love how beautiful these women look, especially when I know they might be feeling less than top notch. A maternity shoot was a must-have for me. I wanted to remember every detail of my pregnant body. Even though I felt like a blob, walked like a duck, and ate like a hippo, I was doing something truly remarkable: I was growing a baby inside of me, and I wanted that documented.

During my maternity shoot, I picked up a few things about my photographer that I felt was important to share with other expecting mamas. Here are a few tips to help you choose your maternity photographer!

How to Choose a Maternity Photographer

Experience Matters

The last thing you need when you’re 9 months pregnant is a photographer who doesn’t know how to pose and photograph your bumpin’ bod. Let’s be real: everyone tells you how beautiful you look, but you feel like a whale, your back is killing you, and always with the peeing. It’s just the reality of the situation. Gotta love pregnancy.

An experienced maternity photographer will be able to guide you into posing positions that are flattering for your bump, and show off your curves in all the right places. She can also help to make sure you and your partner are comfortable during the session; resulting in photos that look natural and sweet. I’m not saying that someone who is looking to break into the field of maternity photography shouldn’t be given a chance. But I do feel that her portfolio should demonstrate an ability to pose a woman’s body in a way that flatters her. Especially when it comes to a gorgeous pregnant mama like yourself!

Make sure to consider the photographer’s prior experience before placing a deposit for a photoshoot.

Studio or Location Based?

What kind of photo shoot are you aiming for? Do you want a studio feel? Or are you looking for a location based shoot? Maybe your favorite garden at a local conservatory? Or a beachfront shoot with the waves lapping at your feet?

Your options are virtually limitless when it comes to the style of shoot you are looking to achieve. Your only limits come down to geographic location and weather. For example, me living in northern Minnesota, planning an oceanfront maternity shoot wasn’t really in the cards this time haha. However! Minnesota is filled with gorgeous forests, lakes and rivers, which is perfect for the woodland feel I wanted for my shoot. Speaking of my shoot, here are a few of my favorite shots from Sharon at Three Irish Girls Photography.

How to Choose a Maternity Photographer Images

Miracle worker, right? I felt like a whale, but I look like a goddess. THAT’S what you get when you work with someone who knows their craft backwards and forwards and bumpwards.

Your photographer can help you go over what options are available for the studio or location based shoot you are looking for. She should give you pros and cons to each option, but she should be able to meet your wants when it comes to the photography location and style you are looking for. One thing to keep in mind, try to pick a location that’s easy for your pregnant body to get to. You don’t want to risk falling and injuring yourself or the babe! Safety first.

It’s About How You Feel

Lastly, your maternity photographer should make you feel like the beautiful Mama you are. You’re carrying life and love inside of you, and your photographer should help you feel ALL of the life and love. She should be encouraging and positive, as well as professional and helpful. It’s not always easy to get into certain poses with your center of gravity all kittywampus, but she can show you a few ways to make it easier. And she can get the shot in a matter of seconds so you don’t have to stand with your legs crossed for minutes on end.

You should feel empowered, beautiful and limitless. That’s the beauty of a great maternity photographer. She can help you see what everyone else is seeing in your gorgeous bumpin’ body. You should look back on these photos with pride and a sense of accomplishment. You grew a human, Mama! Not everyone has the honor of such an experience.

Again, huge shout out to Sharon from Three Irish Girls Photography. You completely captured what was in my head for our maternity shoot, and I’m completely in love with these photos. You can follow Sharon on Instagram and Facebook.

Did you have a maternity photo shoot? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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