If you’re planning on delivering your baby in a hospital, you’ll most likely need a small bag with a few essentials to get you through your labor and delivery. I created a free PDF for mama’s who are looking to pack their bags brilliantly; meaning, not overpacked with a bunch of extra stuff that you don’t need.

I made sure to include essentials for mom, dad, and baby, as well as a few extra things you can pack (but probably won’t use). Here are a few bonus tips for you!

  1. Pack as light as you can. Hospital rooms are not known for exceptional storage space, and the less stuff you can bring with, the better. A small suitcase (carry-on size) is probably perfect for what you need.
  2. It might be helpful to pack dad’s items in a small backpack, just to keep them separate. That way you don’t have to rifle through his stuff to get to what you need in the hospital.
  3. A lot of other hospital checklists tell you to bring your own underwear. Don’t. This is a huge waste of space, and believe me when I tell you that you won’t use it (regardless of c-section or vaginal delivery). The last thing you need is to ruin your comfy undies after delivery. Use the disposable ones that the hospital gives you, and wear them proudly!
  4. Don’t stress about bringing a bunch of outfits for baby. The hospital will have a little shirt for them, and most likely they will give you a HALO sleepsack/swaddle to go home with. Do bring something for the baby to wear home.
  5. One thing I didn’t put on the list was a yoga mat. If you’re planning on a natural delivery without any medical interventions, do bring a yoga mat. When my contractions were at their strongest, the most comfortable position for me was on the floor on all fours, with some counter pressure on my hips. I wish I would have brought a yoga mat, because hospital floors are terrible on bare knees when your uterus feels like it’s going to explode. If you’re not planning on using alternative pain management techniques, forget the yoga mat, and go for the epidural. Whatever works for you mama!

To get your copy, just fill out the form below, and I’ll email it straight to your inbox. Also, I would love it if you could pin this post so that other expecting mama’s can pack their hospital bags with a little bit of brilliance! Let me know if you think I missed an essential item that could be helpful for other moms. Happy packing!

FREE Hospital Bag Checklist

Free Hospital Bag Checklist

A Hospital Bag Checklist for Brilliant Mamas

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