Exercising while you are pregnant is important for your physical and mental health. Yoga during pregnancy is a favorite among many mamas-to-be for a few reasons; primarily because you can do it just about anywhere, and you don’t need any special equipment to do yoga.

Yoga has a ton of benefits, regardless of if you are pregnant. During my pregnancy, I found yoga to be the most beneficial exercise routines because of the focus on breathing and flow, as well as strengthening through body weight. Yoga can be pretty intense, but pregnancy safe yoga is intended for pregnant moms looking to stay active without over-doing it.

You can find a prenatal yoga class just about anywhere these days, but I wanted something I could do in my home on days when I didn’t feel like seeing other people. Introvert problems. Here are a few online pregnancy-focused yoga workouts that you will love.

Pregnancy Safe Yoga Workouts

Sarah Beth Yoga

Fun fact, my dad was the one who shared this resource with me. Sarah Beth Yoga is on Vimeo and Youtube, and she has my favorite prenatal yoga series. There are 3 free videos on Youtube, and a paid program that you can purchase on Vimeo, and let me tell you, the paid program is AMAZING.

Let’s go over the free videos first. There is a morning warm up, a 20 minute prenatal workout, and a night-time wind down routine. These are my go-to workouts because they are quick, comprehensive, and I feel amazing after I do these routines.

The paid program is amazing too. For $75, you get four 45-minute workouts that are safe for all three trimesters. And you get a PDF guide that can help you to vary your workouts to help prevent you from getting bored or feeling like your workouts are stagnant. The PDFs also teach you how to modify your poses for greater comfort and safety as your belly grows.

Yoga With Adriene

I’ve been watching Yoga With Adriene videos for a couple of years now, and I love how she is focused on the concept of finding what feels good. Adriene’s videos are primarily on Youtube, but you can subscribe to her paid channel here.

Adriene has a prenatal series that highlights a yoga workout for each trimester, plus some lady talk with Adriene and one of her close friends who is in her 3rd trimester. It was kind of fun to hear another woman’s thoughts on her pregnancy, and the workouts were great too.

There is also a PDF guide for safe yoga practice during pregnancy if you subscribe to the paid Find What Feels Good by Yoga With Adriene.

Prenatal Yoga Center

The Prenatal Yoga Center is exactly what it sounds like: an online yoga resource for pregnant ladies! The Prenatal Yoga Center has a ton of free videos that are focused on specific trouble areas that many women struggle with during pregnancy, i.e. sciatica, hip-openers, carpal tunnel, etc.

For me, sciatica has been a capital B during my pregnancy. The hip opener video was a huge help, as was the Alleviating Back Pain video. The other great thing about the Prenatal Yoga Center is that they have in-person classes in the New York City area. So for NYC mamas, definitely check out what they have to offer!

Gaia Prenatal Yoga

Gaia is one of the most well known international yoga organizations. I hesitate to call it “corporate” because yoga is so far from corporate it’s ridiculous, but you can typically find Gaia products in stores like Target or Walmart. Gaia also has online yoga videos, including this Prenatal Yoga series with Shiva Rea.

These workouts are also pretty short, less than 20 minutes each, but they are comprehensive and help you to focus on breathing first before posing. Which is SUPER helpful for breathing through labor and delivery pains.


What workouts are you loving while pregnant?

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