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Using all natural products has always been something that interests me. I’ve always been a big fan of minimizing my synthetic chemical footprint, and I’m fascinated by old school ways of doing things. After all, humans have been using herbs, essential oils and plants for thousands of years as remedies.

Unfortunately, that natural way of doing things has fallen to the wayside in the past 100 years. Synthetic chemicals have become the norm in most American households, and are marketed primarily to moms. Why moms? Because moms are typically the shoppers of the household. They are the ones doing errands and keeping up with housework, so these are the people marketing companies are targeting when they are trying to sell Acme Cleaner XYZ or Medicine 123.

While many of these cleaners and medicines are effective, they are synthetic. They are created in a lab, and are often riddled with chemicals that can be pretty harmful in the long run. If used over long durations, or improperly, these chemicals can wreak havoc on a person’s body, and cause a myriad of health issues.

However! In the past 20 years or so, a natural renaissance has surfaced. Consumers are craving more natural methods of health and home care. We want to minimize our chemical footprints, and start using natural remedies for our health, our families, and our homes.

Safely Using Essential Oils as a New Mom


Personally, I’ve been wanting to incorporate even more natural remedies and cleaning options in my home since I became pregnant and had our little guy this past year. I’m pretty sensitive to chemical smells, and usually get a pretty nasty headache if I’m around any kind of strong, synthetic smell for any length of time. And holy moly, let me tell you it was a BILLION times worse when I was pregnant. I swear I could smell Clorox from a mile away when I was pregnant.

I’ve used essential oils for about 7 years, and I’ve been thrilled with the results. However, since becoming pregnant, I knew that there were going to be some essential oils that I would need to avoid in order to stay healthy during my pregnancy. I made sure to do my research, and avoid any oils that could be detrimental to me or my baby during the pregnancy.

After M was born, I continued to do my research on what would be safe for me to use as far as herbs and essential oils while I am breastfeeding. My research led me to the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle. Now, I should disclose, that this bundle isn’t focused primarily on herbs and essential oils for pregnancy and breastfeeding. But it does help you get started with learning the basics of using herbs and essential oils; which is important to do even if you’ve been using essential oils for years.

I know what you’re thinking: “Megan, if you’ve been using essential oils for years, why would you buy a bundle that is for beginners?Aren’t you familiar with how to use them?”

Great question! The answer? Because I’m not a certified aromatherapist (yet). I’m simply interested in this field of study, and I want to make sure that if I am using essential oils and herbs, that I am doing it within a scope of knowledge and understanding. Herbs and essential oils aren’t harmless, and to be quite honest, if they’re using incorrectly, they can do a lot of harm. But when they are used correctly, and with caution, they can be quite helpful.

Since it’s not just me I’m using the oils for any more, I want to make sure I’m using herbs and essential oils correctly and within the safest and most informed state of mind. The Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle has allowed me to do that. It’s filled with tons of information that is easy to digest, and practically applied. It’s also opened my eyes to resources I didn’t even know existed.

For example, I mentioned that I’ve been using essential oils for about 7 years. And for the past 7 years, I’ve been using them incorrectly; and down right dangerously. Why? Because I was not instructed how to safely use essential oils by a certified aromatherapist. I was taught how to use EO’s by a multilevel marketing company sales person. Do I blame them? No. They were just trying to sell their product, support their family, and build their business. And to be completely honest, they thought they were using the products safely, as per instruction by the EO company.

Unfortunately, many MLM companies practice unsafe EO application processes, but aren’t stopped because of their popularity. The super bundle leaves brand names behind, and focuses on the science and practicality of EOs and herbal remedies. Sure, some name brands are mentioned a few times within the individual contents of the bundle (in a couple of the e-books), but no specific company is sponsoring this bundle, and the content that is shared within the bundle is written or produced by experts in the field of herbalism and essential oils.

If I had known about Using Essential Oils Safely, a website dedicated to using essential oils safely (duh), I would have changed my EO habits long ago. That website, along with dozens of other resources within the bundle, allow me the confidence to know that the way I am using my oils is not only effective, it’s safe for me and for my family.

What I love about this bundle is the diversity of the resources that are included. You get access to both ebooks and courses, as well as printable PDFs that you can use daily. You’ll get information on everyday remedies, as well as practical information about how to incorporate herbs and essential oils more regularly in order to benefit from their properties (all while doing so in the name of science and safety!).

Another one of the resources I’ve enjoyed is the ebook The Thinking Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies. This 574 page ebook is LOADED with information about essential oils, herbs, and all sorts of natural remedy contents. I especially loved the section on Herbal Terminology and common therapeutic actions of herbs. SO interesting. If you get this bundle for one thing, get it for this book. Absolutely loving it.

I wish I could pin down my one favorite aspect of this bundle… but I just can’t. It’s all so good! Especially since I’m looking into what it will take to get my aromatherapy certification. This bundle is fantastic for anyone who wants to incorporate more natural remedies and recipes into their home and healthcare. And it’s perfect for families because there are so many resources within that help you to determine what is safe for infants and children.

As always, be sure to consult with your doctor and/or your child’s pediatrician when using any essential oils or herbal remedies. Natural remedies are powerful, and are sometimes contraindicated when it comes to certain medications or medical conditions.

Using essential oils and herbs in my home is something that I feel even more confident about doing now that I’ve accessed the resources within the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle. I can’t wait to start trying the recipes and remedies, and I’m especially excited to start growing an herb garden in 2018 (if we ever thaw out… #MinnesotanProblems).

If you’d like to start learning more about herbs and essential oils, you can buy the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle by clicking on any of the graphics in this post, but this one below will take you right to the sales page. It’s only $47 for over $800 worth of resources. #WorthIt

Or if you’ve heard enough and are ready to buy right flippin’ now, go ahead and click this button to take you directly to checkout!

Do you use natural remedies in your home? Tell me how you use essential oils and herbs for your health or home in the comments below!

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